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3 benefits of innovative office design you should know

It’s fair to say that many of us are not exactly enthralled with the ‘classic’ office design. Suspended ceilings, nasty strip lighting and old school dividers can all provide a fairly bleak and sterile working environment. Today, there is more emphasis on innovative office design with careful considerations around lighting, space, texture, and enabling more flexible working - all of which can see significant improvement in a company’s staff productivity, culture and overall well-being.

1. Making the best use of space

The modern office is increasingly seeing a need for intelligent design to make the best use of the space - whether this is for an open plan set up, or to provide individual working areas and breakout spaces. Traditional office layouts are now being challenged, with many companies increasingly allowing more flexible working and needing an office space to better fit the needs of their employees.

2. Green investment

There is of course no doubt that embarking on a new office design will require financial investment. However, it’s also worth understanding that with an innovative and green approach to office design, a company can save a huge amount of money in the long run.

Sustainable building materials can be used, employees can be encouraged to choose greener travel options by installing secure bike storage and electric car charging units, as well implementing Smart technology within the building ensure efficient energy use - not only will this potentially give a business a much lower carbon footprint, it may also result in being eligible for government grants and tax savings in addition to considerable savings on annual energy bills!

3. Productivity and well-being for your employees

Our daily environment has a proven direct impact on our personal wellbeing - if a space is badly designed, it could be a frustrating environment to work in and result in lower productivity. Investing in a modern and creative office space will help to foster a positive company culture and will be a place where employees enjoy working. Factors such as improved air quality, bright colours, more natural light and introducing aspects of greenery will all help to improve employee engagement and increase staff retention.

Here at Mobius, we believe that office design should have the same level of thought and details as you would in your home - why would you choose something that doesn’t inspire, motivate or aesthetically please you? The end message is clear: if you were to invest in an innovative office design to create pathways for a greener and more productive environment, your business and its employees will reap the rewards - and everybody wins!

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