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5 office design tips

5 Office Design Tips

If we've learned anything over the last couple of years, it's that an inspiring and focused workplace allows us to work more effectively. Here are a few ways to optimise your office design to create a great place for you to work.

Natural lighting - Lighting is one of the biggest tone-setters in any space, and the office is no exception. In particular, natural lighting can really improve productivity in a working area. Natural lighting has a whole host of benefits such as the benefits of Vitamin D from the sun, a reduction of eye strain when looking at screens, improvement in our circadian rhythm for better sleep, and an uplifting mood in a workplace. All of these factors will ultimately improve productivity. Opting for more natural light will also reduce your need for artificial lighting, lowering electricity bills and in turn being better for the environment.

Open layouts and breakout spaces — Open layouts and breakout spaces within the office are design techniques which emphasise a communal work environment, favouring shared workspaces rather than segregated sections. Open spaces are becoming more popular due to their tendency to allow for better communication, culture, and trust across teams. It can also make an office space feel bigger and less confined. So consider ditching those old partitions for a more free-flowing office. Breakout spaces are designed with a similar philosophy in mind and offer spaces where workers can come together to collaborate and provide a space for individuals to take short breaks when hitting a productivity wall to gain new perspectives on work. Both of these factors contribute towards a more effective team and a healthier work mindset.

Colours — Colour is another key aspect in dictating mood and can help improve productivity and positivity in the office setting. It is generally given plenty of thought in shops for example, because businesses utilise the subconscious benefits of colour psychology encouraging customers to enjoy spending time there. But why should the office be any different for those working in it? By no means do your office colour choices have to be quite so loud, but they should be conscious. There are many effects of all different colours and tones, cool or warm, light or dark, neutrals—there’s just so much to consider. But the simplest thing to do is to start by thinking about what type of business you’re a part of and decide what mood you want to encourage in the office. If you feel they reflect you and set a good tone, one thing to consider is using your brand colours—if you have them you might as well use them!

Mood boosting elements — Introducing elements to make the office a place where people want to spend time can make a real difference when it comes to employee productivity; plants are a great example of this. Natural elements can help with focus, improve happiness, reduce stress and boost creativity and are a simple idea way to liven up the office. Allowing personal items in the workspace can improve the feeling of comfort and boost people’s mood as they help individuals give their desk a personal touch. Offering healthy snacks can also help to boost productivity— snacking helps the brain stay alert all day by boosting blood sugar levels, and of course offering snacks like fruit and nuts are beneficial due to the natural energy that they give us and the health benefits they provide.

Furniture — Investing in ergonomic chair and desk design is incredibly important and can be a simple solution to lots of common long term health problems. While this may seem like a non-profitable use of a large investment for your business, it is true that often when you buy cheap—you buy twice, meaning investment in better furniture can be more profitable in the long run and may reduce staff absence and injury. Of course, working in an office five days a week, sitting at a desk for long periods of time is just an expectation of the job. But, many businesses have introduced alternatives in an attempt to combat long term conditions. Why not consider implementing a section of sit and stand desks? Sit and stand desks provide an option to employees who are worried about their posture, and a fresh different location for anyone to utilise. After all, happy staff means a more productive environment.

Never underestimate the impact of great office design - it may just take your business to the next level!

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