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a bright start to the day – the importance of lighting in your workspace

As we approach the ‘new normal’, many people have had to shift from shared office life to working remotely at home. Whether you have a dedicated office space or are working from your sofa, the right lighting contributes to a good working environment and is something that can be overlooked in it’s importance of helping productivity and a happy mindset.

Mother nature’s light

Sunshine and daylight is a natural mood booster (hence why we all love basking in the sun’s rays at any opportunity!). A recent study conducted by Shishagar and Boubekri, found that natural light not only increases well-being but also helps to reduce eye strain, headaches and drowsiness. If you’re able to incorporate this into your workplace then you will quickly realise the benefits - try moving your desk closer to a window or choose a room with natural light. Not only will your mental health and focus improve, you’ll save energy costs on artificial lighting which we see as a real win-win!

Always look on the bright side of light

While natural sunlight is a fantastic option, there is always a backup plan if you’re struggling to find natural light in your workplace - well placed artificial light. There are many great solutions on the market that simulate natural light. You could also consider light dimmers, so that you have full control over how bright your environment is to find a light level which works best for you.

Feeling blue? Or maybe green?

There is a direct link between the relationship of colour and emotion in a working environment. Artists and interior designers firmly believe that different colours have the power to evoke different feelings so you could consider incorporating different coloured light into your workspace. If your job requires a creative flair, then implementing blue lights within your workspace may help innovative thinking and artistic performance as blue is known as a ‘restless’ colour. However, if you’re feeling tense, or your job is stressful, then green is the go-to colour for you. Green lighting replicates nature and stimulates feelings of tranquillity, helping to prevent stress and anxiety.

Work with what you have, and what works for you - whether you find that you’re most productive when bathed in natural light or surrounded by a pop of colour, lighting could be the secret to a more productive work week and a healthy mindset. Let the light in, and illuminate the benefits.

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