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design predictions for 2022

Design Predictions for 2022 - Upcycling, recycling and naturals

What’s on the horizon for Design in 2022? Here are a few words from our design team about what trends might be relevant when it comes to design heading into the new year.

“Following on from what has, for most people, been a time of change, turmoil and taking stock, these are the design trends that will become more relevant in 2022 and beyond.

People and businesses will be more in tune with nature and the use of materials, textures and colours that both enhance and set the tone for more vibrant colours and textures to be used.”

This is in reference to a trend which has slowly gained traction throughout homes and businesses in the past few years— a shift to natural materials and the method of upcycling and recycling.

“By upcycling and recycling, we can make the most of the items around us, or those we can source and then reimagine them for the future so suit new uses or new surroundings”.

An example of a company in the hospitality sector which we think is popularising the use of this aesthetic is Loungers. Loungers have a vast collection of over 100 café bars up and down the UK and utilise upcycling and naturals to create informal, unique interiors with an emphasis on a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

Mobius have fit-out multiple Loungers venues and they always create a fresh, yet homely atmosphere with their venues and aesthetics, using vintage lamp shades, worn-looking paintings and unique, charming recycled chairs and tables.

This is not only a visual trend but is good for the environment too, re-using furniture and wood which may otherwise go to waste.

“Bringing more natural finishes, including the obvious materials of woods and natural fabrics, means that a great grounding can be achieved, proving a harmonious setting and aesthetic colourway. In combination or indeed contrast to this, we will still see many design schemes that use a more vibrant and eclectic colour and material palette, but even in these instances, we do feel there will be a more predominant use of natural materials and colours.

These design aesthetics will also become a more relevant movement in homes in the coming year, with upcycling becoming more prevalent in all spaces, opening the floodgates for modern design ideas and imaginative re-purposing, creating and combining interesting material and colour palettes”.

We are looking forward to seeing design trends grow and adapt over the coming months, as the world around us changes.

Upcycling Loungrs

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