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do millennials influence the office fit out?

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In the tradition of new generations creating a shift in change, millennials definitely came along and did things their own way. After their predecessors, (Gen x and Baby Boomers) one huge difference they have made is changing the way that we work, and this especially includes the setting and design of the office fit out.

Seeing as millennials currently make up almost 50% of the UK workforce, it’s important that their needs are considered when designing an office fit out. The biggest change brought about by the millennial worker is the rise of the non-conventional workspace, with a trend for a preference for more compact yet flexible co-working areas. They’ve also encouraged the use of great technology to help them to do their work more efficiently, as well as bringing greater focus on wellbeing and attractive office interiors.


Compared to previous generations, Millennials lack the need for privacy (like private offices, or those awful old-fashioned cubicles) and lean towards working in a more collaborative environment, where they can easily share ideas with their co-workers.

An office fit out focusing on a flexible, open and shared workspace will appeal to this generation, and would also naturally promote teamwork and boost creativity.

Technology is a must

Millennials are the only generation who have experienced the growth of technology alongside their lives - many do not remember a life without it! This really puts technology as a key consideration for your office fit out - and to implement the tech that millennials are familiar with is a great way to keep your business running efficiently.

You could even consider installing adjustable standing desks or wireless charging points - a more sophisticated digital workspace will benefit workers from all generations - even the luddites!

More breakout space

It’s no longer just about the salary anymore - with a growing list of things companies have to get right in order to retain workforce numbers, Millennials will basically look towards businesses who more holistically cater for their needs. This could mean comfortable, stylish break areas, a more calming colour scheme, gaming space, the use of an outdoor area or more flexible space to suit different working needs. Whatever the design, your office fit out will benefit highly from taking the values (comfort, health and well-being) of Millennials into consideration.

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