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food tech - the rise of technology in a post-covid world

As a wise man once said, technology will set us free, and as lockdown begins to ease and we return to the ‘new normal’ there’s no doubt that we’ll rely on technology to keep us safe and connected more so than ever.

One industry which is likely to feel this shift more so than many others is the hospitality industry. The world of physical menus and sharing plates which we once knew is likely to look very different in the months to come, and our behaviour as customers in these venues is inevitably going to change.

Here at Mobius many of our clients are bars, restaurants and pubs, so we’re all too aware of the need for kitchen repairs and maintenance to adapt to these changes. We spoke with Fintech start-up Yoello, a Cardiff born company who have created an innovative contactless ordering and payment platform which could change the face of the hospitality industry for the better, to find out more about how to navigate the challenges we’re all facing…

Tech for good

“The hospitality industry has been one of the worst affected sectors owing to the Covid-19 crisis and resulting social restrictions.” comments Scott Waddington, a Non-Executive Director at Yoello (and ex CEO of SA Brains). “The sector is responsible for employing millions of people whose jobs are now in serious jeopardy, particularly as the industry is expected to be amongst the last to be able to resume operating. Yoello's mission has always been to be at the forefront of helping the hospitality sector innovate through technology. We are now able to provide the sector with the urgent support that it needs.”

As well as creating the contactless technology to allow customers to order and pay without physical contact with waiting staff, Yoello has also conducted a Covid-19 impact study, compiling research from multiple sources to create an overview of the thoughts and opinions of customers as to how they’d feel about returning to restaurants once lockdown is eased.

A massive 61% of people surveyed said they’d feel uncomfortable returning to restaurants and bars as normal, with 48% saying they’d avoid handling physical menus and 42% stating that they’d prefer to not be handling cash during a transaction. Yoello allows customers to use their own devices to scan a QR code on the table, automatically bringing up the current menu, where they can order and pay with absolutely no physical interaction with staff. With 59% of people surveyed saying they’d prefer to order using their own device this technology will be potentially game-changing for venues.

Yoello allows businesses to not only stay compliant with the changing face of the industry, but will also be key in boosting customer trust and loyalty which is going to be so essential in the post-lockdown world. To find out more about their services you can visit their website here.

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